iMovie can be an intimidating venture for beginners using the software for the first time.  Just looking at all the different tools and possibilities on the home screen can make one’s head spin. After playing around with the software myself, I have found some helpful tips and tricks for creating a professional video in no time.

First off, after reading multiple comments on the internet, I have found you must convert your Go Pro files to an iMovie-friendly format before uploading your video files to iMovie. There are many converters available using a free trial download. You will need to convert the GoPro MP4 footage to AIC MOV for iMovie.  I will link instructions on how to do that here.

Another article I found helpful was an article by David Nield on Some of his top tricks included how to match the look of two clips, how to stabilize your footage and how to detach audio from your clips if you want to remove background noise.

If you are a visual learner, I would encourage you to check out tutorials on YouTube.  There are tons of different clips explaining how to do various tasks using the app.  YouTube is an extremely helpful search engine when looking for step-by-step video instructions.

Lastly, seek help from older students who have worked with iMovie before. Having a mentor or someone who can show you in-person how to do specific activities in iMovie can be priceless for learning.  Another person present allows you to ask questions and experiment firsthand with someone who understands the platform. The people who understand different programs are usually the ones who ask questions and get experience by playing around with the operating system.

Hopefully this article helped trigger some ideas on how you can have a successful experience with iMovie. If you find another software you prefer, please share with us what you like about it, and how other teams can use it to have an enjoyable editing experience.



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