What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s likely you and your children have had a few discussions based on this question, but are you aware of all of their potential opportunities? According to the National Association of Manufacturers, there will be about 3.5 million manufacturing jobs available within the next ten years with nearly 2 million of those jobs to be unfilled. Currently, the average salary for a “manufacturing job” is about $40K per year and certain careers often range from $50K-$70K per year (glassdoor.com). There is a huge demand for skilled workers in the manufacturing industry and there will continue to be a shortage unless we inform our youth about the exciting opportunities the manufacturing industry has to offer.


What it Takes

Manufacturing is an innovative industry and often requires skilled workers who excel in problem-solving, creativity, and leadership. There is a wide variety of career opportunities within the manufacturing industry including engineering, technician positions, product assembly, quality control, welding, and even accounting and financing to name a few. These careers are often tailored to people who enjoy creating and building, tackling problems, and have a desire to create meaningful and useful products. Manufacturing is an exciting and advanced career path and requires teamwork and collaboration while emphasizing innovation and new ideas.


Getting Your Kids Involved

If your child has some of the strengths and qualities listed above, it is important to talk with them and make sure they are aware of the opportunities available. If they are excited about the possibilities, encourage them to keep asking questions and learning more about manufacturing! The What’s So Cool About Manufacturing video contest is a great start in getting middle school aged kids interested in the manufacturing world. It requires them to research and ask questions in regards to manufacturing careers and opportunities. Having connections or role models in manufacturing careers is another great way to get kids inspired. If you know an engineer or someone who works in manufacturing, help your kids makes those connections. And finally, encourage your children to be learners, doers, and leaders. The world is constantly changing and innovating and it is important to keep the next generation inspired and excited for the future!