dream it. DO IT. Contest Objectives


Speaking and Listening

  • Formulate appropriate questions and effective conversation topics to interview employees.
  • Collaborate with teammates to determine the best way to deliver content to reach target audience.
  • Demonstrate the use of appropriate volume, clarity and body language when in front of the camera.

Research and Career Awareness

  • Locate valid and reliable manufacturing information.
  • Explore the requirements, skills, wages, education and geographic opportunities for a manufacturing careers.
  • Participate in career exploration activities to investigation career opportunities that best meet student interests.

Information, Communication and Technology Literacy

  • Produce storyboards or specific outlines to reflect the proposed informational narrative.
  • Develop goals, duties and tasks for creating the video.
  • Utilize technology to shoot still images and video footage.
  • Apply video enhancements by using video editing techniques and software.
  • Understand ways technology is used to enhance science and human life.